“Recovery and change isn’t an event (28-90 day stint in rehab), it’s a series of simple changes in lifestyle, something that we call “Connection Based Living”. Growth Healing is our signature program that helps people achieve radical transformation and break addictive patterns all without major life interruption and going to rehab.”

Our Ethos

Connection to Self

The first step to Connection Based Living is to remove the internal blockages that have been created through drug and alcohol-use and addiction. 

Connection to Others

When studying success in any domain: self-development, sport, business, spirituality, academic studies, art, science or anything else, we have found another universal truth - the people that you spend time with matter!

Connection to Purpose

Growth is necessary to happiness and fulfilment. Aligning and connecting to something greater, to a higher meaning, a forgotten passion or a distant dream is the third secret to unlocking contentment and joy across all life domains.

Recovery Happiness

Our definition of recovery is, being happy, feeling happy and achieve peace and contentment across all life domains. When you put the 3 key pillars of Connection Based Living all together recovery and happiness all comes together.

We are dedicated to positive experiences & results.

Jim's story

with Connection Based Living

8 Must Do Actions To Get Recovery Without Going To Rehab

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Do you want to make change? However don’t want to go and be locked away in rehab for 30-90 days? Grab this free report where we have detailed the 8 must do actions that will help you to start achieving recovery and change fast!

Dear the recovery curious,

Just take a second to imagine what it would feel like being free of anxiety, not feeling tired or lethargic, having family all around happy and healthy, waking up in the morning excited about life knowing you have finally beat addiction.

The best would be in front of you, you would feel absolutely amazing 80% of the time and the other 20% of the time you would feel 100 times better than you ever did when you were drinking or using. You would finally be able to set significant future goals and start dreaming again, trusting yourself knowing you don’t have the addiction monkey on your back any longer… how amazing would this be?…   

So ask yourself…

Are you tired of spending your hard-earned money on alcohol or drugs that don’t even seem to be working anymore? 

Do you desperately want to make changes however don’t want to leave your family and support networks to be locked away in rehab for 3 – 6 months?  

Are you sick of failed attempt after failed attempt? 

Are you just sick and tired of being sick and tired?

The truth is, spending tens of thousands on in-patient rehab programs isn’t the answer – yes for some (a very small %), in-patient rehab is a must, however for the far majority it definitely isn’t.

Through years of personal and professional experience, we have developed a full proof recovery system that helps you beat addiction along with helping achieve peace, happiness and fulfillment across all life domains. Achieve a sense of freedom and excitement for life – all without going to rehab.

Sounds hard to believe but it’s true. In fact, we’re so confident we can help, that we’ll even give a 100% money back satisfaction guarantee – if you feel the program isn’t for you within the first 11 days, we will give you your money back no questions asked.   

All our staff have been through addiction and on some level, we understand how you may be feeling. For this reason we care and are here to help people actually get results so that the cycle of unnecessary suffering stops! We are confident in the results of our program and are willing to back it up. We hope that we can be some kind of change agent in your journey.

Drug & Alcohol Rehab Australia – all without going to rehab

We are Australia’s first dedicated recovery coaching program and we specialise in helping you transform without going to rehab.

There are numerous addiction treatment options available in Australia and when you get to a point in which you want to make a change it can be overwhelming.

We will step you through your rehab process every step of the way and if we can’t help we will put you in touch with with the right people through our extensive rehabilitation network so you can get the right help for you!

What We Treat

Having a drink with friends and family is often seen as an integral part of the Australian way and culture. This can at times make it hard to identify whether or not your drinking habits are an issue.

If you find that drinking is getting in the way of your work, relationships, interests and impacting on your life, these are some key indicators that you may have to start looking at your alcohol usage and behaviours. 

One of the things that often holds people back from reaching out and asking for help is the belief and society narrative that you will never be able to drink again or this is going to be something that you struggle with for the rest of your life…

All this isn’t necessarily true, and at Connection Based Living we have a different approach to the stereotypical narrative. 

People often say that when they give us a call, it’s refreshing to hear an approach that makes sense…and “I’m glad to hear that I can go back to normal, whatever that means”.

Cocaine is one of the most romanticised drugs in society worldwide. Movies, songs, sports people, famous people, business people and the extraordinary euphoria it cultivates makes it one of the most addictive substance in the world. 

Cocaine floods the brain with dopamine, leading to confidence, pleasure, and feelings of extreme euphoria (also known as the scarface affect).

Because of this pleasure and because cocaine is one of the quickest substance to flush out of peoples’ systems, cocaine becomes the drug of choice for functional users.

However, long-term cocaine use can lead to a range of physical and mental health issues, including psychosis, paranoia, and complete inability to function without the drug.

Connection Based Living understands, based on the clients that we treat, just how pervasive cocaine addiction can be. 

We help people with cocaine addictive patterns transform out of those cycles through our cocaine addiction treatment (rehab without rehab) program…Growth Healing. 

Addressing cocaine addiction isn’t a life sentence, despite the normal industry narrative that this is going to be something really challenging to overcome and something you will battle for the rest of your life…it’s just not true and we would love to chat to you about our different approach and how you can make these simple changes…

Ice, or crystal methamphetamine is one of the most powerful and most addictive drugs on the market. 

Ice is also one of the most misrepresented drugs in the media. People who use Ice are painted as these almost demon like characters that are just smashing things and bashing people 24/7. 

This actually couldn’t be further from the truth… and what we know is that loads of different people use Ice and the stereotype definitely doesn’t meet the reality. 

Jack Nagle, Connection Based Living’s Founder, has personally recovered from Ice addiction and professionally has been published in academic journals for research of Ice.

Many other providers will tell you that they specialise in Ice addiction…however for the reasons above, Connection Based Living truly specialise in helping people breaking addictive patterns around Ice.

Unlike the society narrative may have you believe, breaking addictive patterns around Ice isn’t as hard as you think.

Ecstasy or MDMA is the typical drug taken at most clubs around the country (everyone loves a good disco biscuit or a couple of happy caps).

Loads and loads of people have done ecstasy once upon a time and is commonly not seen as an addictive drug. Many people, if not most don’t become addicted to MDMA… 

However, some do because like with all substances, it’s not really about the substance, it’s about your relationship to the substance and the underlying conscious or unconscious reasons why you are using the drug.

Due to its recreational appeal, ecstasy encourages poly drug use and we often see people with “binge” addictive patterns that present for help. 

This is actually one of the most dangerous ways to use drugs and if you find yourself falling into this category we would recommend that you get in touch with us for a free consultation.

To make change is not as hard as you think.

Heroin comes from the opium poppy plant and is probably the most famous and well know opiate drug in the world. 

Heroin has the reputation because it’s one of the most addictive drugs in the world. While heroin can contribute to feelings of euphoria and pain relief in the short term, it comes with a range of very harmful effects, including infertility, damage to the heart, lungs, and brain, with a high potential for death due to overdose.

We treat opiate addiction differently at Connection Based Living. Unlike most other providers who don’t consider you clean or in recovery if you are on replacement medication…we do. 

Recovery is about growth, healing and happiness – so if you are engaging that, you are in recovery and we will help you continue that journey.

To find out more about how we can help…book a free consultation and let’s make a plan…after all what have you got to lose?

Marijuana has become a challenging substance to identify addictive patterns with, due to its socially acceptable standing in the community.

Yes, Joe Rogan and loads of other cool people smoke weed, but if Marijuana is starting to cause issues in your life…Marijuana is causing problems in your life. 

One of the key things to remember with Marijuana is that the stuff you are smoking isn’t coming from the earth, it’s usually grown with chemicals and weighed down with fly spray…yum, fly spray.

Largely, we actually think Marijuana is a better thing as compared to alcohol…however for the individual that struggles with addictive patterns, it can be really bad news because of the psychoactive nature of the drug and the fact that the detox takes longer than other drugs. 

If you are having issues with Marijuana, we would love to have a chat to see how we can help break those negative patterns.

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