Having a drink with friends and family is often seen as an integral part of the Australian way and culture.

This can at times make it hard to identify whether or not your drinking habits are an issue.

Society’s reaction to any addictive patterns around alcohol are; Book into alcohol rehab right now!

This is not only an outdated approach but its also counterproductive to the process of giving up alcohol.

We offer a completely different approach.

If you find that drinking is getting is impacting on the following life domains;

  • work performance 
  • relationships
  • interests and hobbies
  • energy
  • day to day happiness

It may be time to think about the benefits of giving up alcohol for a period of time. 

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Free Webinar Get Off alcohol & drugs Without Rehab
alcohol rehab stereotypes

How To Give Up Alcohol Misconceptions

One of the stereotypes that often holds people back from reaching out and asking for help is the belief and society narrative that you will never be able to drink again.

Addictive patterns around alcohol are portraited as something that you will struggle with for the rest of your life…

However, this is just not true!

At Connection Based Living we have a different approach to the stereotypical narrative around how to give up alcohol

People often say that when they give us a call…

it’s refreshing to hear an approach that makes sense…and “I’m glad to hear that I can go back to normal, whatever that means”.

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Do You Need To Change Your Relationship With Alcohol?

Because alcohol is so integrated into the Australian culture, sometimes it can be hard to determine if you need to change your drinking habits.

  • Has anyone (e.g. a family member, friend, doctor or colleague) been worried or concerned about your use of alcohol?
  • Anyone (e.g. friend, family member, doctor or colleague) been concerned about your behaviour that may relate to your alcohol use?
  • Have you been hurt, or have you hurt anyone else physically or emotionally as a result of drinking alcohol?
  • Ever forgotten the events of the previous night because of your drinking?
  • Do you feel any guilt, remorse, shame or embarrassment because of your alcohol abuse?
  • How many times do you need to take medicine, drugs or drink alcohol in the morning when you wake up to feel energised for the day?
  • Ever disappointed family members, colleagues, friends and bosses, because you were not able to do what was expected from you?
  • How many times have you realised that you cannot live a day without having a drink?
  • How many times a day or week do you have a drink?
  • Do you have to have a stash of alcohol at the ready?

If you find that you have answered yes to a few of these questions, it’s probably a good indication that we have to do something about your drinking. 

We would strongly suggest that you get in contact with us.

It’s essential to get subjective advice because we see so many people just booking into alcohol rehab without exploring all their opinions.

Strike whilst the iron is hot because addictive patterns are a little like a black hole if you are not careful you can get stuck in the universe of indifference and before you know it…another year has gone past.

As we mentioned above, we have a different approach, and all of this isn’t a life sentence, we need to change a couple of small, simple things.

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