Outpatient Rehab Program

Rehab Program Free Consultation

Free Consultation

We offer a free initial consultation via video call or in person. This is a chance for you to meet us, find out more about the program and decide whether it would be the right direction for you.

Daily Support

You will be involved in Connection Based Living’s support group, so we can support you every step of the way when you need it.

Rehab Program daily support
Rehab Program One to one sessions

One to One

You will work with your Connection Based Living coach one-on-one every week to create and work though your transformational process.

Video Training Content Membership

You will get access to our in depth video training series, including worksheets and tools and data collection to help you track your progress in the program for the 8 weeks you are in the Growth Healing program.

Online Growth Healing Online Addiction Rehab Program
Rehab Program Natural Therapist

Natural Therapist

Have an initial holistic health assessment session with our Natural Therapist to understand where you are at with your health and wellness.

Microbiome Testing

We are dedicated to helping you reset your bio-chemistry. you will do Microbiome testing and then create a tailored health plan to reset your biochemistry with our natural therapist.

Rehab Program Micro Biome Testing
Rehab Program Tailored Fitness plans

Physical Fitness

Have multiple sessions throughout the program with our personal trainer to get your physical fitness on track and gain nutritional advice to guide your physical exercise.

Indepth Resource Manuals

Change doesn't just happen when you are working with us, so we give you loads of resources and action steps so you can achieve Connection Based Living.

Rehab Program in-depth Resource Manuals
Rehab Program Support Groups

Support Groups

We will introduce you into worldwide recovery support groups so that you can continue connected in your journey after finishing with us.

Aftercare Planning

Treatment is important, however what is even more important is what you do once treatment is completed. We will work with you extensively to create a watertight recovery aftercare Blue Print!

computer and desk showing rehab after care planing connection based livings Growth Healing program

No Matter Where you are in Australia we can help

Growth Healing Rehab Program, Without Going To Rehab

How it Works

Growth Healing is Connection Based Living’s signature recovery transformation program. We work with people all over Australia, helping people to simultaneously get healing from addictive patterns and grow into a Connection Based lifestyle.

Growth Healing is a 60-day structured one-to-one coaching program, that allows people to change and get recovery without having to stop working, leave family or experience any major life interruptions.

Growth Healing not only focuses on the psychological, social and emotional side of recovery but it is Australia’s only program to also help people transform their bio-chemistry through structured and tailored testing and health interventions. 

Connection Based Living’s vision is to be the most results-orientated addiction solutions company in the world and Growth Healing’s sole focus is to get you success in recovery through the Connection Based Living ethos; we will do whatever it is in our power to help you achieve it.

To understand further how we can help, we offer FREE 45 minute consultations. If we can’t help, we will point you in the direction of someone that can.

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Benefits of the Growth Healing program

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Sick of having a lack of energy and feeling like you are zapped for the most important things in your life? Growth Healing will help you create harmony between you mind and body, resulting in you feeling recharged and restored.

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feel like you have a cloud hanging over you? Like you your brain is full of morning fog? Growth Healing will help you to improve your brain cognition.

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 Feel like you're always arguing? Always feeling guilty about how you are treating others in your life? Growth Healing will help you to get trust back and have better relationships again

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The Growth Healing Program will help you transform your microbiome and reset your biochemistry, which is critical to taking control of cravings, improving your mood and feeling happy in all life domains.

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Ever feel like you are an emotional pendulum? Feeling calm one minute and emotional the next? The Growth Healing Program will help you to level out your mood so that you can start to achieve peace and contentment.

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Self Awareness

Research suggests that when we see ourselves clearly we become more creative, confident, make better decisions, build better relationships and communicate more effectively, resulting in happiness and a better quality of life. The Growth Healing program will help you achieve this.

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The Growth Healing program will help you facilitate brain hard cohesion resulting in a clear vision for your future and connection to all key life domains.

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The Growth Healing Program will help you to put all the key pillars of the Connection Based Living ethos together which results in recovery i.e. “happiness”.

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