James Woodcock, Past Client

It’s been a year or so now since I signed up for the Connection Based Livings Growth Healing course. I was tired of doing the rounds in rehab and prevention style groups.

While they played a part In prolonging my existence, they were not getting to the core of the problem quick enough.  I was searching for answers I felt had to exist and I’m so glad I didn’t give up because Jack and his team delivered exactly what I needed to move on in my life.

This is my text message, 10 months after the program:

Hey Jack, just thought it would be worth you noting. Since our last chat, I have been clean with ease and a very minor urge to get back on again, which I have to say is something pretty major for someone who was band-aiding past trauma. Thought I’d back you up on your personal proof that this program you’ve got going really fuckin works!

I’m no longer a slave to the pipe, I’m not having to attend any programs for addiction and lots is improving and going on for me.

I would never say I’ll never have a problem again but for now, the peace of mind and re-uniting of my entire family is magic right now. Shits good today. Thanks, bro 🤩👍

I’m not ashamed anymore to admit I had a real problem with Meth Amphetamine which I was using to bandaid up a lot of pain and confusion. What I learned about my experience was that most of the baggage I was carrying was not mine and I needed to learn how to let it go.

Now I only have me to work on, which I think is much more manageable and let’s face it, it’s a lifetimes work. But I can deal with that. It wasn’t easy but nothing worth it ever is.

I can’t tell you how funky some of the things I had to do felt But the end result is someone that can look himself in the mirror and has the capacity and the energy to be able to improve himself unlike before.

This testimonial is well overdue and more people need to give this program ago. So thanks to Jack and his team, I was on the way out before I found you guys.

Ever so grateful