Get Control Of Drugs & Alcohol Using The New "Wholeness Shift Method"

Without Stopping Forever, Going To A.A. or Checking Into Rehab

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Dear Recovery Curious

Look, we know why you are reading this page.

You are wanting to overcome addictive patterns and you’re interested in doing that with an online course.

So we made a decision that our designers hate…

We’re NOT going to fill this page up with a bunch of generic text and pretty pictures…

We’re just going to tell you 3¬†reasons why you should and probably really need to join “The Wholeness Shift” course (asap)


Avoid being eaten alive by regret 6 months from now. Without sounding overly dramatic,

but it’s frightening how many people we speak to that say “sounds great and just like what I need but I’m going to wait a few months because insert reason here”.

Only to call us 6 months down the track to say “I wish I had enrolled 6 months ago because I’ve lost everything” or “My marriage has broken down because I couldn’t get honest” or “everything was going ok and I was managing but one night I’d had one too many and made the decision to drive and hit someone and my life is over”

Again, this sounds overly dramatic but I can tell you we hear these stories every single day.

Control the controllables and don’t allow that little voice to delay and win yet again because life can change in an instant and it’s up to you in which direction that change happens.


Feel confident that this system works if you work it, even if you have tried like a million times. We get it, you’ve probably tried a few things before and not much has worked.

Or this is your first time and you want to make sure you get it right the first time.

Look The Wholeness Shift formula isn’t a magic pill (we even have a lesson in the course called “reset the magic pill mindset”). But if you integrate the simple principles and action steps into your life you will get results.

The Wholeness Shift method has helped countless individuals regain control of their lives with a proven track record of success, backed by real-life testimonials from people just like you. Check out some of the messages we get every week.

12 months off ice online addiction course
12 Months Sober Online Addiction Course
Online Course Helps Addiction Recovery


Stop wasting your potential. Sick of not showing up for life? feel like you haven’t taken advantage of great opportunities? tired of being that “guy or gal” in the family or friendship group?

Forget about all the terrible catastrophic events that can happen in addiction for a moment. One of the saddest things about addictive patterns is they keep people’s lives small, robbing you of happiness and contentment, leaving you in a constant state of 1 step forward, 2 steps back.

Nothing changes if nothing changes. I want you to take a moment and envision starting your day with a sense of control, inner peace, and a strong connection to those in your life. Picture yourself living a life free from addictive patterns and confidently creating the path you desire.

Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? This is what The Wholeness Shift is all about. STOP wasting your potential and start showing up for you.

The good news, we’re thrilled to announce that our Wholeness Shift online addiction recovery course is now available with a special launch offer.

For a limited time only, you can take advantage of our exclusive pricing and begin your journey towards healing and freedom from addiction.

Here’s a brief overview of what’s included:

  • Learn how to transcend addictive patterns and cultivate perpetual transformation with hours of educational and actionable video content
  • Discover how to use the wholeness shift formula to create unshakeable self-worth, introducing you to the “magical and harmonious” feeling of wholeness through live fortnightly group coaching
  • Uncover how to make recovery feel “effortless” by using our interactive habit loop tracking worksheets
  • Find and qualify that special “core group” of support people that will act as the foundation of your life re-design with our exclusive and private online support and accountability group
  • Understand how to rewire your biochemistry and unlock the secrets to elevate your mood with hours of training with our holistic health expert Holly Sinclair
  • Much, much more…

Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to take the first step towards a healthier, happier you. Enrol now and join the countless individuals who have successfully overcome addiction through our proven program.

Launch Offer Ends 1st Nov 2023 - Don't Miss Out

How The Offer Works: The wholeness shift membership 12-month subscription is a limited launch offer of $223 AUD Now, (Cancel anytime)


$118 AUD monthly, (Cancel anytime)

Launch Offer

Educating from the inside out

The Wholeness Shift is an exclusive online membership platform dedicated to revolutionizing the way high-quality support and guidance is delivered to individuals seeking to break free from addictive patterns.

Our program offers contemporary and cutting-edge training materials designed to help individuals beat addiction in just 42 days and unlock success, happiness, and contentment in all areas of life.

Our unique community-driven approach not only provides valuable content but also fosters a supportive online community to help individuals stay accountable throughout their recovery journey. Whether you’re struggling with substance use, behavioral addiction, or any other form of addiction, The Wholeness Shift is here to guide and support you every step of the way. We invite you to join us on this transformational journey towards a happier, healthier, addiction-free life.



What is it?

Wholeness Shift is an exclusive online membership course including live coaching calls and a community of like-minded change-makers. It teaches you how to beat addiction in 42-day, but beyond shows you how to design a life full of peace and contentment.

Who is it for?

Wholeness Shift is for anybody who is sick and tired of their addictive patterns and wants to create a transformational shift, fast. It works for anybody, regardless of your previous knowledge or experience, all you need is a desire to change

Where does it happen?

The Wholeness Shift course is hosted online in our exclusive membership area and consists of training videos, tools, coaching calls and a private supportive Facebook community group. You complete it online, on your own time.

How does it work?

You watch the videos, complete the action items, and use the provided tools and templates. Ask questions in the Fb group or on the coaching calls. Follow the process, and get results.

When does it start?

Wholeness Shift is an online course, it starts the moment you enroll. You can complete it in your own time and work through it as fast or slow as you wish. You can subscribe to the membership annually or monthly.

Why does it exist?

We created The Wholeness Shift because there was nothing that showed someone looking for solutions in an educational format how beat addictive patterns and discover and transform their lives without having to do some kind of intensive in-person intervention. We filled that void, and in extreme detail.

Educational Pillars

Quantum shift's first core pillar is growth. We focus on tapping you into awe and flow so that growth is facilitated to achieve long term success.

We focus on helping you return to conscious wholeness and heal underlying pain, believe systems and behaviours that may impact you on your recovery journey

Our third focus in Quantum Shift is on conscious engineering and biochemical rapture, helping you break through mentally and emotionally to achieve and transformation. 

Recovery is not about what you gain, it's about what you let go of. We want to help people feel peace and freedom across all life domains.

Launch Offer Ends 1st Nov 2023 - Don't Miss Out

How The Offer Works: The wholeness shift membership 12-month subscription is a limited launch offer of $223 AUD Now, (Cancel anytime)


$118 AUD monthly, (Cancel anytime)

Launch Offer