In this article, we want to discuss how to help with drug addiction. Drug addiction is a battle that many people are not equipped to fight. It takes an immense amount of courage and strength to help someone who is fighting this difficult internal war. Drug addiction can lead to despair, anger, isolation, and hopelessness. More than just the person with the drug addiction needs help; friends and family members need help too. The following article will provide some information about how you can help your loved ones through their struggle with drug addiction.

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Even if you think that your help will not be appreciated or worth it, it is critical that you help in any way possible. Your help may just provide the motivation and inspiration for your loved one to get help and seek recovery. If they don’t have any hope left, then there is no way for them to recover. In saying this, it’s important to get in contact with organisations that help with drug addiction because there are important strategies and techniques to help you and your loved one obtain the best outcome moving forward.

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The different ways to help with drug addiction

There are many different ways to help with drug addiction and often the solution requires a number of different interventions to obtain the desired result. Some of these interventions include:

  • Foods that help with drug addiction (diet changes)
  • Drug addiction-focused therapy/rehabilitation
  • Financial support and management
  • Housing and accommodation support
  • Social groups and support
  • Alternative medicine and healing, such as crystals that help with drug addiction, reiki, energy healing etc (if a person is interested) 
  • We would also recommend that you read our article titled “Drug Rehab in Australia – The Ultimate Guide”. This article will help you understand all the above interventions and the rehab sector in Australia.

Strategies to deal with drug addiction

While some people may need more help than others, it is important that if you are in a position to help, you do what you can to get your loved one involved in any of these above interventions.

Now that you have an idea of the overall interventions that may go into helping your loved one you may be asking “What can I do as a family member to help with drug addiction?”.

One of the most frequent questions we receive through our online forms is, “My son/daughter needs help with drug addiction, what can I do?”. Due to receiving this consistent question, we thought we would provide some bullet points to help you as a family member to establish a high-level strategy to best help your child or the person you love.

  • Establish and understand what boundaries you can live with. Often people will say to you, take a tough-love approach and just kick them out. This may be a good option for your situation however if you are not comfortable with this you are going to find it hard to stick with the boundary which in hand is much worse than not setting in the first place. We have found that there is no correct answer, however, it is important that you as a family understand what you are comfortable with and what you can live with moving forward.
  • Make sure that the family unit is all on the same page. Unfortunately, manipulation is part of the addictive condition and often a loved one knows how to exactly manipulate their loved ones. It’s important that when you set a boundary with a loved one, that all members of the family are on the same page so that the person with the addiction can’t divide and conquer.
  • Understand and plan out treatment options before your loved one has agreed to get help. When your loved one says “YES, I will get help” it can be a whirlwind of a time! Families are often in crisis and it’s really hard to make good decisions when you are in crisis. Make sure you understand your options before you need to lock in those options.
  • Seek support to develop your intervention plan. We really recommend that you seek support from a family specialist or a family addiction support group. Most families we talk with say that gaining support from a family support group has significantly helped in assisting their loved ones.


Websites to help with drug addiction    

If you are reading this article, it tells us that you are looking for the best ways to help your loved one with their drug addiction issues and we want to congratulate you on this – because we understand that this is a very challenging time.

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99 Problems Book
99 Problems Book

You can also check out these websites to help with drug addiction:

Please remember that Connection Based Living offers free consultation sessions in which we can help you discover the best way to support your loved one. To book a free consultation you can click the link below: