Drug addiction is a common problem in our society today. And a drug such as methamphetamine, often known as ice, is one of those strong addictive drugs. A person that uses ice will have certain tell-tale signs of their dependence on the drug.

Some of the signs of ice addiction include nervousness and agitation. Ice also causes itchiness, fast breathing or excessive talking. Sometimes, people that inject ice experience shaky hands or sweating as well. Ice addiction can also cause restlessness and irritability.

Below are some of the most common effects of ice addiction.

Mental health struggles

Addiction to ice often triggers mental health problems. This includes anxiety, paranoia, depression and psychosis. Ice provides temporary relief when injected which wears off after a while. Once the drug wears off, you’ll experience a flurry of emotions. All these emotions can cause unstable moods that result in mental health problems. If you notice any of these mental health issues, it’s a good idea to get in touch with a drug rehab centre in your city.

Financial problems

Addiction and financial problems go hand in hand and an addict is likely to spend any money that they have on ice. Someone with an ice addiction cannot also perform at their workplace. They might be able to get in some work but that only lasts so long. Truancy, negligence and poor performance from the ice addiction causes job losses.

Losing their source of income can plunge someone with an addiction problem into a dark hole. This is because they become unable to meet their financial obligations and this can result in mental problems. This further increases their dependence on ice, making a bad situation even worse.

Poor physical health

Ice is either injected or smoked into the body. This opens a user up to diseases such as HIV/AIDS from sharing unsterilised sharp objects. Plus, ice also causes an increased heart rate which can cause a heart attack. Ice addiction also causes headaches, shortness of breath, fits, strokes, or worse, death.

Social problems

People with ice addiction tend to remove themselves from their families and friends. This means that they are unable to meet their social responsibilities and so they get cut off. Lack of social support makes it harder for ice addicts to seek help or go to drug rehab. So if you have a feeling that a loved one may be dealing with ice addiction, do your best to be there for them without compromising your own well-being.

Showing your support could be the difference between a successful drug rehabilitation and one full of relapses.

How Connection Based Living Can Help You

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