Drug addiction is becoming Australia’s most prominent problem, and the causes behind that are not so simple. According to psychologists, drug addiction is the result of a complex combination of biological, cultural, social, and psychological causes.

While all these are very much related to each other, the consequences of it can be life-altering. Thousands of families all over the country with loved ones suffering from drugs and alcohol addiction are in constant search of effective treatments. 

These families prefer drug rehab centres for treatment as there are many options in big cities like Melbourne, Brisbane, and Perth. Most of the drug rehab options in Melbourne offer inpatient programs. And many of the drug rehab Brisbane options and Perth follow the same pattern.

But a new concept—outpatient drug rehabis also popular these days. Before we move on to discuss some of the benefits of it, let’s have a look at some of the differences between outpatient & inpatient drug rehab.

Inpatient Rehab v/s Outpatient Rehab

The fundamental difference between these two treatments is that in inpatient rehab, the patient lives at the treatment facility. The stay period depends on how severe the substance addiction is.

On the contrary, outpatient rehab offers a more holistic approach, and it offers treatment during the day. The person under treatment lives in their home, and it doesn’t disrupt the person’s life. So the patient can keep living their normal lives and simultaneously benefit from a wide range of services offered by outpatient rehab centres.

Benefits of Outpatient Drug Rehab:

The idea of rehab centres is greatly misrepresented in the media. Movies have romanticized the idea of it when the lead gets into an inpatient program. They stay there for some time and come out clean.

Real-life doesn’t always work like that. You will always hear about thousands of successful stories of people who came out sober from the rehab. But the rebound rate is equally alarming when people return to the same environment they left. This results in frequent going in and out of rehab. Outpatient programs work by not detaching people from their routine and helping them recover while continuing it.

Some of the primary benefits are:

 Lower Cost:

Drug addiction treatments are expensive, and inpatient drug rehab centres will cost you a fortune. There are a lot of hidden charges, and often they are not covered by insurance. But outpatient programs are more economical, and even if your insurance does not cover them, they are affordable.

Continue Working or Studying:

The job market in Perth, Melbourne, and Brisbane is highly competitive. So you cannot always take extended leaves for many reasons. When you enrol in outpatient drug rehab in Perth, Brisbane or Melbourne, you can continue your employment and get better at the same time. It is less disruptive, and you don’t have to live far from family.

Wide Range of Services:

Outpatient rehab programs involve many different kinds of services and treatment options. This includes free consultations, daily support, visual training, and access to recovery resources, physical fitness programs, professional therapists, medical tests, support groups, and more. All these techniques help people recover over time, and it is sustainable.

Family Support:

In challenging times, there is nothing more important than parents or close family support. Outpatient programs help you to recover under family supervision. You are not deprived of love and care from those closest to you. This helps your recovery journey and ensures long-term success.

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