Dealing with an addiction is hard. It’s even harder when a teen has to go through this. As a parent, this experience can be challenging. No parent wishes their child anything short of a healthy, happy life.

Unfortunately, children are more vulnerable to drug abuse in middle or high school. A child who is addicted to drugs can be difficult to communicate with. However, as a parent, you must do your best to give your child a fresh start.

There are several things you can do to help your teen get through this difficult time. You can help even without sending your child to drug rehab. Here are some tips to help your child overcome addiction without going to drug rehab.

Create Boundaries

Common boundaries when dealing with addiction can include no drugs in the house and early curfew. You must follow through with enforcing boundaries and making your teen know there will be consequences for breaking the rules.

Lifestyle Changes

Something about your child’s life may have triggered this addiction. A therapist can help identify the root cause. However, your job as a parent is to ensure your child remains on the right path. From the circle of friends to diet, exercise, and hobbies. Creating a safe space for open dialogue with your teen can be very helpful

Enabling Behaviours

It’s common for parents to create an enabling environment for a child struggling with an addiction. Giving your teen everything he or she wants will push him or her further into addiction. Enabling behaviours such as keeping late nights and providing money that can’t be accounted for will worsen the situation and cause your child to suffer frequent relapses.

But to help your child get through this, you must remain firm in your decisions. Very likely, your child will hit lower lows quickly that feel uncomfortable for a parent. Don’t despair, instead continue to hold firm. It is usually at this stage most addicts decide to chase recovery. Make sure you have really good supports around to get you through this time.

Leverage on Family Bonds

It can be tough breaking the news of your child’s addiction to extended family members and friends. However, the support from the ones you love plays a huge role in your child’s recovery. The extra support you will get from family can also help you stay strong for your teen.


A therapist can make all the difference. Addiction is a series of negative belief systems, behavioural patterns and negative emotional patterns that should be handled carefully and by professionals. A therapist can aid your child in processing thoughts, behaviours, and emotions while providing coping mechanisms.

Your child may be reluctant about disclosing personal information to you. With a therapist, your child will open up, helping the therapist make informed decisions.

As a parent dealing with a teen struggling with addiction, you should seek professional help. The therapy sessions can be beneficial to you and your teen. However, if your child prefers some privacy, you can have solo sessions with your therapists.

With support from family, making lifestyle changes, setting boundaries, and seeking the help of a therapist, you can help your child fight addiction without admission to drug rehab. Give us a call today, let’s go on this journey of recovery with your family.

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