Drug addiction can ruin lives and as a result, the media coverage and hysteria around drug addiction and the pathway out is often presented as something extreme. Thankfully, many people have successfully overcome drug addiction and now live normal healthy lives. Alcohol addiction is one area in which the paradigm is shifting and people are communicating adverse experiences in a more realistic fashion. However, unfortunately, many people are still falling victim to alcoholic addiction patterns and the solution to alcohol recovery is still extreme.

The good news, not all people who are addicted to drugs and alcohol are treated in a drug rehab centre, there are ways to overcome these addictive patterns without losing your freedom. Instead, we have discovered non-clinical methods that have proven to be effective in helping an addicted person break free from the pain and horrors of drug or alcohol addiction.

**To clarify we really don’t agree or like the following terms: “alcoholic, addicts, drug addict” or any other term that promotes a limiting belief about one’s self. For full transparency, we have used these words for search engine optimisation purposes (so we show up on google) in the hope to reach more people searching for answers. We hope you appreciate our position and still enjoy this information. 

Why Are People Scared of a Rehab Centre?

Unfortunately, there have been many instances where drug addicts lose their lives because they refused to get help. Think about it; the thought of going to rehab is scary. The strict rehab processes can make the individual feel trapped, which intensifies the challenges they have to overcome.

This is not to say rehab treatment does not work, it works, but the healing process is not very attractive to people who need help to overcome drug or alcohol addiction.

Breaking Free of Addiction Without Rehab

Without using traditional drug rehab, we still help addicts overcome their burden and live completely free of drugs or alcohol. We are bridging the gap between the people who need help and treatment but still want to live normal lives.

Here’s how we help addicts overcome drug addiction with lasting results.

1. Overcoming Personal Fears and Reluctance

The first step to helping individuals conquer their fears before starting treatment is eliminating fear or doubts about their ability to be free from drugs or alcohol. In this phase, the individual learns how to connect to their inner strengths, developing a positive mindset about treatment.

2. Learning to Keep the Right Company

As the old saying goes, “if you sit in the barber’s chair long enough you are going to get a hair cut” It is easier to maintain discipline and avoid drugs if you keep the right company. Without help, this may not be possible because of peer pressure. However, we have developed a treatment approach that helps the individual maintain good company and connect to the strength of others to avoid drugs or alcohol.

3. Identifying a Purpose

Without a purpose, it is easy for the recovering patient to slip back into old ways of abusing drugs. Our approach to helping individuals overcome drug addiction involves guiding them to identify a unique purpose, goal, and ambition. Then, they create targets that keep their minds focused and positively occupied.

4. Achieving the Goal of Recovery

For many drug addicts or alcoholics, successfully overcoming this habit may be the only time they have experienced this change in a long time. It is a good feeling, and the person is encouraged to guard their achievement by staying away from drugs.

It is difficult to overcome any addiction independently. Addicts need all the help they can get without going through the anxiety of drug rehab treatment. This lack of anxiety is the reason why we get excellent results with our approach.

Do you need help? Are you unsure of the best treatment plan? Our methods may be the best option for your future. So call us today; let us help you beat your addiction.

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