Lockdowns, case numbers, up, down, round and round! Online drug rehab looks like the way of the future for those seeking recovery. 

From most accounts, normal life has been a challenge down under and right across the world lately, let alone anyone trying to deal with addiction and mental health issues whilst being in lockdown. 

Let’s face it, lockdowns in Australia and around the world look like a part of everyday life for the foreseeable future.  

As of the writing of this article, Sydney and parts of wider NSW have been plunged into hardcore lockdown with grim prospects of returning to normal any time soon due to rising case numbers. 

Not to mention that Melbourne Australia is the most Locked-down City in the world.

Because of this recent shutdown in Sydney and others across the country for the last 18 + months, Connection Based Living have sadly been inundated with calls. 

People are desperate for support, struggling with intensified addictions and mental health challenges.

Due to lockdowns, there is not much hope of booking into a rehab facility and people have been looking for solutions such as online drug rehab courses. 

As a result, we wanted to share the 4 biggest and most essential tips for dealing with addiction whilst you are in the middle of a lockdown along with putting you onto some helpful paid and free online drug rehabilitation courses and recourses.

We have recommended lots of different stuff to people over the isolation periods and these are the 4 that seem to be having the biggest impacts! 

Free Online Drug Rehab Program, Instead of Netflix and Chill With Yourself…

Tip Number One: Enjoy Netflix, but don’t become a stage 10 clinger to it – Try to stay busy during a lockdown and avoid boredom. 

Boredom is the addiction devil on your shoulder that will coax you into relapse at every turn. As the old saying goes “idle time is the devil’s play”. So, make sure that whilst in Lockdown, you are as active and involved with others as much as possible – work out together or play sports; create art for yourself or for someone else; organise events like movie nights! 

“Now we can just imagine you yelling, yeah that would be F$%&ing nice if we were allowed human contact”. Totally get it because I know we have yelled that around the office a few times this year. Luckily we have the internet…

Yes, it may not be as good as human contact, however, it is better than nothing! Whatever you do focus on connection, things that light you up and stuff that helps you keep your mind active and not idle. 

We also recommend connecting to our private Facebook group “Addiction Support for Users and Family” In this group, you can find a free online drug program. 

If you feel like you want to Connect on a more personal level, consider making an appointment online with us so you don’t fall off track when the lockdowns are all over! Visit https://www.connectionbasedliving.com/Calandar to book a free consultation. 


Online Drug rehab programs in lockdown

Take the Quantum Shift – Our New Online Drug Rehab Course. 

Tip Number Two: Do an Online Course, Keep up with treatment regimens

Sticking to a treatment regimen can be difficult when you are in lockdown. You may feel like the addiction is winning because problems are piling up and substances are a good way to escape. This is where a good old online course on addiction and recovery can be a good way to shake things up. 

The addiction support space is finally catching up to the 21st century and there are some really helpful digital recourses and courses out there to help you through the tough times! 

We have found online courses really helpful for people during lockdowns because they can spark new idea’s, give practical tips and strategies and provide hope in a bleak time. 

Don’t get us wrong, it’s not a silver bullet by any means, however, it can help bring recovery into your consciousness and ignite momentum in a positive direction.  

Due to the crazy times we live in, we are launching a brand new contemporary addiction recovery program called The Quantum Shift. We have a special launch offer on the course and you can check it all out by clicking here

If you are looking for something more intensive we also run an in-depth outpatient drug rehab program online that you can check out by clicking here


Quantum Shift

There are also loads of other awesome digital courses and recourses floating around on the world wide web, so we recommend that you have a click around and find something that connects with you. 

Eat The Rainbow 

Tip Number Three: KFC and doughnut’s don’t count as self-care. 

Despite being pleasurable, junk food doesn’t count as self-care. (no judgment here, the lockdown has bought out or inner junk food demons for us as well) 

Self Care can be hard because most people don’t like to put themselves first, but it’s essential to addiction recovery. Make sure you’re doing the basic’s, eating healthy and staying hydrated it’s the simple things that make all the difference. 

Ironically the other major thing you can do for self-care is, sticking to a routine. Routine is huge for humans and lockdown tends to mess with that. 

Be strict on yourself, try and keep your regular recovery activities, such as attending meetings, journaling, sharing thoughts and feelings with friends, getting up at the same time every day and exercising. It might take longer than normal but these small steps will help you gain or keep up the momentum with addiction recovery in these challenging times.


Give It Away Baby…

Tip Number Four: An Attitude of Altruism – Find someone else who has also been struggling and help each other out. 

One of the greatest cure’s for hard times is lending a hand to someone else. This often doesn’t have to be anything drastic, usually just lending an ear does the trick! 

This might be with someone else you know is struggling with addiction issues or it may just be helping your partner out with dinner to ease the stress, putting your neighbour’s bin out or buying someone a coffee down the street when you have your one coffee take away to run for the day. 

Being Altruistic helps to get you out of your head, focusing on other things and usually brings about some good feelings of self-esteem after a few good deeds.  

We hope some of these tips help in some way and most of all if you are struggling please just reach out at any stage and we will see how we can help.